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Strives for physical and mental fitness through every decade.


 Learn to Live longer and live better naturally:

   *plant-based eating,
   *physical movement,
   *mental calmness,
   *nurturing relationships,
   *restorative sleep,
   *exposure to natural settings, and

   *extolling a work/life balance.
Connect with the dynamic and creative life that is your true nature.

Information on this site is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to treat or diagnose medical conditions.​ Please contact your healthcare provider to address any medical issues. 

Start Eating
Let's Get Moving
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About Me

Live Longer! Live Better!


Mission: Transform Your Life (TYL) represents my comprehensive approach to helping people of all ages experience lifelong health and fitness. 

Each decade of our lives provides its own unique opportunity to expand and deepen our commitment to what's best for our health, strength, and happiness. 

Armed with a sound scientific understanding of the human life cycle and a deep appreciation for ancient wisdom, TYL provides a path to live longer and live better. TYL inspires each of us to attain a strong, vibrant, and happier lifespan. 


How is this done?

My goal of a healthy and vibrant lifespan is accomplished through helping people of every decade sustain or recapture vibrant and robust health by means of:

-- Supporting physical strength, aerobic fitness, and flexibility and balance

-- adapting a plant-forward diet

-- promoting mental calmness 

-- nurturing supportive relationships

-- furthering supportive sleep

-- exposure to natural settings

-- and extolling work/life balance. 

In harmony with nature's healing capacity I hope to help people experience greater enjoyment, deeper personal satisfaction and prolonged well being.

Let's work together to create a life to enjoy?


Credentials: author of dozens of health and research articles available at Transform Your Life,, Ican'tbelieveIdid, Trends in Global Grass Roots Organizing, and Sivana East. I've published several ebooks for caregivers entitled The Caregiver's Survival Guide  and Caregiving and Depression.

Founder of the health and fitness website Transform Your Life. I'm a New York State licensed Master Social Worker, a traditional Naturopath, a board certified Holistic Health Practitioner in addition to being a health and fitness writer.


I am a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association, the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, the Society of Complementary and Holistic Practitioners, and the National Association of Social Workers. I am a  former Adjunct Assistant Professor of Sociology at Brooklyn College (CUNY) and possess certification in Mindfulness meditation from Molloy College. 

I received Zen meditation and Hatha Yoga training at the Ruah Institute as well as tutelage in Chinese Chan meditation under Master Sheng-Yen.  


Personal: I live with my wife, have two adult children and two wonderful grandsons. Email me at

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