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About Me

Mission: This website reflects my long standing commitment to fostering personal, community and global health. I'm continuously educating myself and others about taking control of our health while offering lifestyle strategies that can be personally and socially transformative. 

My prescription for health includes five Therapeutic Healing Actions (THA): diet, fitness, stress management nurturing relationships, and spiritual realization. 

All five of these elements must be present for individual and group health to prosper. On this web-site, I explore how the five areas interact and create a transformative, synergistic effect on our bodies, minds, and society. 

Credentials: I'm the author of over 30 health and research articles available at Collective Evolution.com, Helpyouthru.com, and Sivana East, as well as ebooks for caregivers entitled The Caregiver's Survival Guide  and Caregiving and Depression.


I'm a New York State licensed Master Social Worker, a traditional Naturopath, a certified Holistic Health Practitioner in addition to being a health and fitness writer.


I hold membership in the American Naturopathic Medical Association, the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and the National Association of Social Workers, as well as being a former Adjunct Assistant Professor of Sociology at Brooklyn College (CUNY).

I possess a certificate in Mindfulness meditation from Molloy College. 

I received Zen meditation and Hatha Yoga training at the Ruah Institute as well as tutelage in Chinese Chan meditation under Master Sheng-Yen.  


Personal: I live with my wife, have two adult children and two wonderful grandsons. You can email me at healingactions@gmail.com and follow me on Twitter @mroliva7092.

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IInformation on this site is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to treat or diagnose medical conditions.

Please contact your healthcare provider to address any medical issues. 

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